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Blackwood Is Good ?

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Big day today, with a quick 2 kilometre trip to Mathews timber, Vermont ( Melbourne, Australia that is) :D

I picked up 5 different tonewoods with blackwood being one of them. :D

As a timber for planing and working with , I'm very impressed. BUT...........

I don't know anything about it's tonal characteristics.

I've heard that Tasmanian Blackwood is like koa and a very good tonewood,

but that is all.

Is it bright or boomy? good for necks and/or complete bodies? any info desired B)

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I have used it for a cap on a mahogany body LP JR type guitar (Blackwood Lp Jr ) as it looks great but tone wise I think its pretty similar to Mahogany. Its used alot in acoustic sides and backs and also its used for Wiesenbourne (however you spell it) slide guitars. Gilet guitars in Sydney use it quite a bit in acoustics....Kev

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screwdelulu Posted Today, 07:44 PM

Seems like it being used as tonewood:

Cheers for the extra info. much appreciated. :D

thirdstone Posted Today, 08:18 PM

I have used it for a cap on a mahogany body LP JR type guitar (Blackwood Lp Jr )

I just had a look at your Lp Jr. Love the blackwood burst. :DB)

Is Blackwood mainly used as a cap in most cases? ......... or ................

can it be used to a good effect on its own as the main structural base. eg neck and/or body?

Anyone built a blackwood only guitar?



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