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Anyone Make Their Own Knobs

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i got a lathe and am no expert, but i can make a damn good cylindar shape; i wanna turn a bunch of knobs, and was wondering where i could find the proper sized innerds (i wanna say sprokets, cause it sounds right;but i may just like the word) either that or i was thinking of having a lil allen screw like from bridge saddles to tighten against the post; but id really rather the ''sprockets";

maybe a circuit city?; im thinkin in the way of where ppl would go when they break their tv knob or sumtin?

help please

thank you

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You can try using radio controlled model wheel collars, which are a metal ring with an allen head grub/set screw.

I've used wood and just tapped it for a set screw - worked fine, but you don't want to over tighten it or you'll strip the hole or split the knob. Make your initial hole 1mm less than the intended thread - if you use 0.5mm as you would on metal the tap will just bore out the hole and leave it oversize.

The knobs on this one are flatsawn wenge, with a quartersawn wnege cap, a plastic skirt, 2mm MOP dot, and an M3 set screw.


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