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Finish Gone Wrong, Need Help!


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Hello, :D

This is my first guitar project it is a RBX-170 Yamaha. Although the bass cost me £25, I did not like the finish, it had no character. It took several pieces of sandpaper (appox 25!!) to get rid the original finish. I had planned if this goes well to purchase some better hardware, but I'm not 100% about the finish! :D

This was the guitar before I did any work.


This is it after the stain.


I wanted a matt finish like my Ibanez SZ1220 pictured below. Once I applied the lacquer and wax I got a shine and which brighten the brown and this isn't what I wanted.


Would it be best if sanded it down to the bare wood again and start from scratch or is there a way to get rid of the shine? If I have to sand down again, what steps should I take to ensure a matt finish?

I believe the wood is Agathis.

Even though I paid £25 for this bass, if I know how to solve these problems now, on my next guitar (hopefully telecaster) I hopefully I can avoid these problems!



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Before you do so...what did you mean by lacquer exactly? Wax and oil, steel wood is happy with. If it's a lacquer then I'd hold fire on that one till somebody a lot more experienced than I contributes to this thread!

I were told in a shop that this stuff were lacquer, its called 'Clear Sealer', I then used turtle wax. The finish I got with them two felt really nice but it doesn't suit the stain, if you get what I mean... My first intentions were to have a flat finish, this isn't flat! But I don't mind a bit of shine :D

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That bass looks infinitely better than it did with that blue lacquer on.

That paint was hiding some nice wood

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have you tried one the many clear 'matt' finished you can buy?

i dunno how it would work out on a stain but ive painted a few things (not guitars) then finished with a mat coating that i bought from hobby shop and its turned our great


No I haven't tried, but I think I will start again with a different colour, ill give that clear matt finish a shot!



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