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P-90 And Pots.....


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My first project (way back in July) was a P90-equipped chambered Tele. I used 250k pots for vol + tone, I had P-90's in both bridge and neck position.

I heard really great things about Lollar pups but they are not cheap by any means.

I got my P-90's from GFS (Guitar Fetish) and the're really good value for money. I've had Pafs and strat sets from them before as well as hot wound hex humbuckers. I'm sure Lollar will be much better on tone but you are comparing GFS $35 with Lollar's $90, and I know that my guitar skills are not yet worthy of $90 pickups when I live in the UK and have to pay £90 instead (thats $167 each)

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I would just go for the 250 if youre mixing them like that.


This is getting way too over analyzed for something so minor.

It's really hard to beat a 250K pot. Yes, a 500K might give more highs all the way up, but it will reduce treble faster than a 250K pot when it is turned down.

As usual, this is a "personal preference" thing.

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