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Chambering A Lp


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Im planning to chamber my LP kit, and add an F hole. Its a thinline body, so I'm gonna laminate a mahogany back onto it to add to the depth. I will probably do a black to tobacco colour burst. Im adding a small Bigsby style trem too.

My questions:

Does it matter what size the chambers are? Obviously I know where I shouldnt put them due to strength reasons.

Has this been done before?

Best way to get all the paint off - its acrylic. I would like to have a clear-ish finish, so I wouldn't wanna see any colour.

Thanks for any help,


PS sorry for the incorrect grammar in the title, I type a touch too fast. It probably annoys me more than it annoys you!

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Do I get you right when I thinking that you will chamber an existing LP? Until that talk about the stripping of the colour I thought it was a scratch-build.

If that's your idea I have seen id done somewhere on the net. The builder had made a guitar that was way too heavy. She planned off some wood equivalent to the thickness of the new back and then she routed out chambers from behind and glued on the new back.


Yes it matter. The bigger you go the more impact on the sound they will have. Remember that a control rout is roughly the size of a small chamber. And you don't really consider that to contribute very much to the sound. So if you just need to save weight, let the total weight be your guide. If you want a semi-semi-acoustic sound, go big on the chambers and leave as little as possible for top and back thickness.

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Its a kit guitar I made with my dad years back. Still serves me as a good axe, but time for change.

Weight isnt an issue, its more a sound thing. It would be a nice mod, but the metaller in me is saying - leave it! Aww well, I have several metal axes, gonna jazz this baby up a touch!


PS Bigsby is ordered, as is a roller bridge. This was super bad news for the bank account.... Remember the Red Dwarf episode with Queeg?? Where Rimmer or Lister said to Queeg "I thought Holly was meant to have an IQ of 6,000" and Queeg replies "there was a six in it". Well, its a fair comparison, except perhaps replace 6000 with 60. Man I talk rubbish when im tired!

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