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  1. considering how **** metallica now are it wouldnt suprise me. old metallica would kick new metallica's ass all round the country if they saw the **** they do now! old metallica had Alcoholica, need I say more? No. thats right. Mike
  2. good to hear it Greg will keep us all updated! Mike
  3. cheers man! download should be fine, just select free on Rapidshare. 3 pots: vol, tone for the humbucker "side" of the 89, and tone for the singlecoil tap. take it easy, Mike
  4. I have been awake nigh on 38 hours. Stayed up all night watching 24 season 1 and recording stuff. I recorded this tune using my 31 fret guitar. I hadn't been playing in a few weeks and seriously felt it! http://rapidshare.com/files/42937152/metal...s_five.mp3.html select the free download. Anyway, its in Ab Eb Ab Db F Bb tuning with 011 - 070s. Reason kit. Bass guitar tuned an octave below. this is how she looked unfinished. finished: (signed by Michael Nyman) Anyway, its called metal takes five - from the upcoming unofficial album release "Five takes of take five"
  5. oh chill, i know you werent! internet sucks for sarcasm!! i have thick skin anyway Mike
  6. mate, I know it was dubbed - his "betchya cant play this" is a joke anyway, I cracked up watching his real attempt!! Id love to see him "shred" along side michael romeo, see how long he lasts. romeo is very lyrical and inventive, which is why I chose him and not Cooley, who I think like Jet Li, he is the one. Mike
  7. herman li HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH he can't even play a playstation, and the very name suggests anyone can. hahahahahahahahaa. plus he can't play guitar cos he is ****. "its like a A minor arpeggio with like some notes hammered in like. errrr A minor 7 yeah its like A minor seven with notes. yeah." (herman, go learn english and guitar.)
  8. you always impress me matt, well done. keep us updated! Mike
  9. nor do I - as others have mentioned, the string spacing will be all out of kilter and it will probably give an uneven pickup of the strings. I had played with the idea of a neck pickip, but at £85 a pop, I think not! Besides, if Meshuggah don't need a neck pickup, I don't LMAO. nice logic, I hope you approve! Mike
  10. no worries! yeah ill post clips up! im using a 45DC, 2 truss rods, maybe a 27" or so scale. (lets see what meshuggah use, hahahaha) Have a nice day Mike
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