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Can You Make Me A Guitar Body?

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Hey guys im new here! ive had a lot of guitars and now i wann make my own, ive been making my own guitar pedals and now i wanna take it a little bit further, im looking to get a double neck body but i dont know how to make it, or a FIREBIRD, and also the necks! thanks!! please let me know who can do it and how much, i can make the body on illustrator and whoever has a CNC machine can make it, thanks!!!!!!!!

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...I wanna make my own...can someone make it for me?

That is the message I hear. I think it is contradictory. You should strive to make your own using the information available from the talented and experienced people here, not revert to the easy fix solution if you actually do want to do it yourself. Spend some time reading thru other people's projects and it will all reveal itself to you.

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