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Another Screened Headstock Logo Removal Question


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I just bout a Squier Affinity Tele for my daughter. The neck and headstock are barely finished, in fact the wood feels near bare, kinda nice really. Anyhow, the log on the headstock looks like it's screened and is black.

I'd like to remove this and put on a custom decal bearing her name.

Any ideas to do a clean job?

It's for her Christmas present and I'd like it to be special.


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I would hazard a guess at steel wool if the decal is sitting on top of the "finish". It may be too thin to go at it using acetone (which may well mar the headstock) or coarse sandpaper (which may wear through the sealer).

I would wait until somebody else replies before attempting this though. My gut says 0000 wool or 800/1200 wet and dry paper. Can you "prick off" or scratch a tiny bit of the decal using a sewing needle without having to dig through any kind of finish? That would give us a good clue as to whether it's under or over the sealer.

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