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Dimarzio D Sonic Pickup


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I just purchased a D Sonic Pick up to bwe place in the bridge possition of a hamer scarab guitar


and I was wondering what direction should I put the pickup in to get the highest crunch.

The long solid black bar to the back towards the bridge?

Or have the solid black bar towards the neck and the single pole pieces in teh back next to the bridge.

Im not too familliar with The Dimarzio D Sonic but I heard it was great for Drop Tunings so I thought I should at least try it out.

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With the solid bar toward the bridge, the sound is a little brighter and better-defined, and this is the direction we recommend for heavy strings and low tunings. With the adjustable polepieces toward the bridge, the sound is warmer and a touch louder, and we think this works best for standard tuning and more solo-oriented playing.

From the DiMarzio website.

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Depends who you are. Why not try it both ways? its easy to move round.

To give you some idea, listen to the new Dream theater DVD/cd (score) cous thats a D-sonic with the bar towards neck. And i think the guy from linkin park uses the same pickup the other way.

But why not just try it. Only takes 5 mins to swap the direction round.


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