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Fretboard Problem


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My ibanez fretboard had a huge chunk removed from the 24 fret/extension area today and is pretty f*cked.

What would you reccomend

But a new RG neck: expencive as shipping from usa is well...lots, and all necks on ebay are fairly expensive or won't ship to AUS.

Or should it take the cheap route and replace the fretboard? (i have no experience with fretboard replacement)



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Post some pictures, it may be salvagable / repariable.

Exactly what i thought when i first saw the missing chunk...so i found the piece of rosewood and attempted to glue it on the missing area, maybe it worked, maybe not.

It didn't fit properly but its in the right place. The back of the fretboard has major denting and if i where to salvage the FB i would need to shorten the over hang about 3.5 mm.

I will have some images tomorrow.

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