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Saga Prs Kit

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Hi Guys,

This is my 2nd post so be gentle...

I bought a SAGA PRS kit on Ebay today for £89 as a project for the New Year. I've read all the posts about build quality etc and I was wondering if anybody had tried the following?

1) Dowling the tuner holes and then reshaped/redrilled the headstock to more closely resemble a PRS?

2) Tried using a wrapover bridge instead of the stop bar / tune-o-matic?



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I'm just finishing off a prs-type build at the moment, I bought an ebay les paul-type neck to bolt on to a solid walnut body.

I did exactly as you suggest in the post. The tuner holes in the headstock have been dowelled, ready to redill now I've reshaped the headstock. I went for more of a Warmoth head shape than a PRS shape but both are similar, tapered and needed the big square paddle of the LP head doctoring. To finish off, the ugly dowel holes will be covered underneath a walnut veneer I will stick to the face of the headstock to match the guitar body.

I also went with a wilkinson wraparound bridge, but if you already have the holes for the tailpiece stud you will have to be very clever at hiding them.

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I came home to find the kit waiting for me...Opened it up - yup the hardware is rubbish and I might job lot it all on eBay soon.

There's an awful lot of that sealer coat on it...so much that it was impossible to push fit the neck into place. When I get started I can see myself doing a lot of gentle sanding in the neck pocket.

The flame veneer is quite nice and it would be a shame to just put a solid colour over it. I'm thinking of taking the top sealent off with nitromors (as recommended here). I'm going to experiment with finishings on my dodgy old Encore that I've kept lying around for just such experiments.

I'm thinking of starting a blog to chart my progress. I'm not looking to start until the New Year but it would be fun to look back at my first semi-serious project in the future.


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If you're doing a soild colour doweling the holes in the body wouldn't be a problem (obviously you'd have to dowel all four and re-drill as the wrap arround has a wider post spacing than a tune-o-matic bridge).

I doubt you'd get away with it if you stained the body though....maybe if it was stain really really dark perhaps...I'm not an expert on that sort of thing though so don't take my word for it.

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