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A Woody One

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Ok, i know pine isnt really a luthier wood, but this seems quite dense. anyone heard of or have any idea if its any good?

i have a 5 inch square piece, about 4foot long, quater sawn. any good for necks if its stengthened with a truss and carbon rods?????

any help would be great.

thanks in advance



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Benedetto made an archtop out of construction/home depot grade pine. He also told me that he used to do alot of 3 piece tops awhile back too. Therefore, I think you could do some sort of archtop 3-piece top out of it (and the grian lines of spruce, pine,e tc. make it very easy to make seemless looking joints).

Plus, doesn't have to be a full sized archtop, you could always do something Myka Dragonfly-ish with it.


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I agree. Melvyn, I have your book and have had it for several years. A friend of mine had it and as soon as I saw it I was engrossed in reading it, and he eventually gave it to me as a gift. It's an extremely informative and fun read.

I was really shocked to hear you were a member here. It's kind of like meeting a celebrity when you're not expecting it. :D

EDIT: Oh, and when I saw this thread, the first thing that went through my mind was "I remember reading something in that Melvyn Hiscock book about parana pine. I think he said it was a good body wood similar to alder, cheap and plentiful, but unfortunately often very knotty." Then I come in here to relate it, and the author himself has already answered. Kinda cool.

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