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not really shure..but i was thinking of something like 15 - 70. more or less. i can of course use a normal guitar bridge, but i want a little bit (not much) wider spacing.

individual bass bridge

You can get a norrow spacing with these generic ind. bridge. I can't comment the quality but i think that they are in aluminium.


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I'm not saying not to do it or even that it's necessarily a bad idea, but most people will tell you that a low B should have a 34 or 35 inch scale length. With a 32 inch scale you will have to use heavy gauge strings and even then the strings will probably feel a bit floppy. Of course if you have a light touch and/or mostly play near the bridge it might not be a problem.

So I'd just recommend that you do a little research on low B's and scale lengths to make sure this is really the way you want to go.

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