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Agile Or Kramer

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I don't know if they're easy to get in the USA, but the only LP copy that makes me drool (even more than the original gibson!!) are the Tokais, great guitars, I would change the pick ups and probably the electronics but the rest is great!

And they look sweeet.

I'm not really a gibson fan, but I drool for Tokais, weird isn't it?

That is weird, considering the Tokais were almost exact copies of Gibson. They're kinda hard to get brand new in the US because Gibson literally sued them out of existence here, but they crop up on the 'bay all the time.

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Look for a Gibson "The Paul II" made around 96-97 which can readily be had for about 300-800 bucks. Its like a LP studio, but has a little tummy cut and thinner body. All mahogany. Great axe.

Tokais are awesome as well. Great for the 500 or so price range.

PRS Tremonti SE (gut the hardware and electronics, locking tuners, intonatable bridge etc) great guitar.

On all these guitars you will want to replace the pickups and perhaps the tuners.

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