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Routing On A Finished Body

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If you're routing close to a body edge, try having a wood spacer or support of some kind that is equal in height to the wood being cut.

That'll help with the router wiggling and leaning around too much, leaving cuts at an angle.

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For enlarging or drilling new holes, do yourself a favor and get a stepped drill bit. You'll be much less likely to lift or chip the finish. The cheap-o bits from Harbor Freight are perfectly fine for for this. In fact, I've used them on steel and brass with no troubles (though I wouldn't expect them to last forever).

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... I guess taping around the area where I want to rout would be a sure bet, hm?

anything else? usefull advices?

oh - I might telly'all what I'm about to do. I'll put a neck and middle p90 in a finished tele body and some extra or alternative pot placements. I'll cover it up with a pg but I don't want to screw it up too bad, maybe even not at all :D

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