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Is There Any Way To Lighten The Color Of Inlay Material On A Guitar?

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This feels like a stupid question, but I figure even though I can't think of any feasible way of doing this without serious risk maybe there's some old trick I don't know about.

My main guitar is a Schecter 007 Blackjack seven string. It's a wonderful, very musical instrument, and I love almost everything about it.

The only real problem I have with it is that the fret markers are what looks like black pearl or pearloid dots, and they are very hard to see on the rosewood, which is also a very dark piece.

I never thought not being able to see the fretboard markers would mess me up, but it does throw me a bit sometimes higher up on the neck.

I can't think of any way to lighten them up to make them more visible without danger to the fretboard or having to put new inlays in, but I thought I'd ask since there's so many experienced people here.

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Are the side markers the dark pearl? If so, you may be able to carefully drill out the old markers and replace them with some lighter material. Even if you have to spin a drill bit between your fingers for the higher frets, in my mind it would be better than altering the inlays on the face of the fretboard.

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I hear what your sayin.I had a custom neck built for me a few years back. Ebony board with only brass side dots. The brass is hard to see in darker lighting.Never thought I'd have a problem with fret markers. I wound up installing some 3mm dots to the face to keep me in track in the higher region as well. LMI is a great source for dots! They'll also have the right size bit for whatever dot size you desire. In your case I would keep it the same or go slightly larger. I'd than drill through some scrap wood..different pieces to compensate for the narrower frets. Use these for templates to drill out your old markers. Drill press with a stop would be great for this.However it can be done with a hand drill and a stop for your drill bit. If you don't feel comfortable with this ..take it to someone experienced. Should be a minor expense. BTW I happened to see these funky fret markers a few years back that were actual tape dots. Don't know if that would be a option for ya but would work...for awhile i think.

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