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Stratocaster Nut: Offset?


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it's definitely not normal..looks like whoever installed it either used a ready made nut that wasn't exactly the right size or just set it in just a bit off. the real question is does the low e slip off the neck when you're playing? if it does you might try gently tapping the nut over a bit. if it was glued in that might not work. if it's just setting in the slot you can adjust it a bit.

if it really is a problem i'd suggest you take it back to the tech and have it fixed.

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My strat's E string is perfectly straight. It looks like the nut on yours is too wide --and whoever installed that for you should have known this and not used that nut (and not charged you for the job either). I'd take it back and have them make it right. Don't let them bullshit you that it won't affect anything either.

On my strat (MIJ) the low E is noticeably closer to the edge than the high E, so it tends to get a little farty on the low notes. That might be my own fault --I swapped the original saddles with Graph Tech, but I have a feeling the GT saddles don't respect the MIJ string spacing.

Hmmm...actually, I'm just figuring that out...maybe it's time to switch saddles again...hmm...

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Thanks mates for the replies...

The nut as far as I remember is the original one, maybe it's been misplaced...

I'll try to fix it myself, it shouldn't be too difficult (as long as the nut it's still the original one)...

I'll let you know the result.

Also looks like the high E is a little farther in from the edge than it needs to be. There's also something seriously wrong with the serial number. It won't play well with the serial number like that

I covered the numbers on the headstock because I saw everybody doing that way! :D:D


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A slight offset towards the bass side is not that unusual. If your vibratos is very wide the high E is safer from slipping of the edge. On my personal guitars I do the nuts with a sligt offset. Having that said I must agree that for my taste this nut have a little too large offset

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IMO, the "offset" isn't the problem here. The other strings are fine. The problem is that the low E string slot is in the wrong place. The gap to the A is too large. If the strings are still too high at the nut, you might be able to fix it. Otherwise, you need a nut slotted where you want it. You say you think this is the same nut -- was the spacing off before? I'd bet it is a new nut. You may be able to get by with shifting the nut toward the high E, if you aren't bothered by the edges not lining up properly or the other strings being crowded down. You could also leave it the way it is if you don't have a problem with the low E falling off the board. But if you aren't happy with this guy's work, don't accept it.

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