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Guitar Too Even Sounding...


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So I rewired my strat with some SD pickups, new pots, etc.

theres a duckbucker bridge in the neck(woops, need to read the packages)

a regular noiseless in the middle

and a Hot rail in the bridge.

Now they all have slight differences, but for the most part the same overtones. No longer is my bridge super bright and my neck dark, its all a weird medium.

Also I almost completly lost the strat tone, and for a bluesy SRV kinda guy, im starting to miss it.

Dont get me wrong, the pickups are killer, and Im often in the bridge/middle position, but I miss the range I had.

should I change it arround? get a new pup? witch ones? dunno.. maybe its my amp, or all in my head...

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Welcome to humbucker-land. You've essentially turned your Strat into a Les Paul. If you're a bluesy-SRV guy, why did you feel the need to change? Especially when you already had a noiseless setup?

There's really no need to endlessly swap pickups if the stock setup was right for you.

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its a squire body, and the pickups were terrible. only the middle is a noiseless.

I wanted somthing with more gain and more heat, so I went with the Hot rail over the Texas tone pack. and I read the Duck would maintain that strat sound with being a humbucker. Its definatly quacky, but not the same.

im considering putting the duck in the middle and some warm single coil in the neck.

its definatly a quality improvment over stock, but if you heard it without seeing it you wouldnt think strat.

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