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Les Paul Junior


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Hi guys, Im building a copy of this guitar but neck thru, with purpleheart/maple neck. it won't be visible from the front.

Does anyone know how the white finish is done.. I expect it to be white stained mahogany but im not sure if its a paint at all... all I know is that its called 'TV white'


Thanks guys


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didn't someone arround here do a finnish similar to that? isn't the process a case of painting it white then black then sanding back so the white shows through and the black is left in the pores if the wood?

IF thats the Gibson faded series then all it is is they painted it but didn't use grain filler before so the grain from the mahogany.

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My guitar is made of mahogany and it looked similar if not really similar to this after i fup white base coat without sealer. It looks good on pic, but i dont like the looks of it when it sits infront of you.

If you have chunk of mahogany, just test spray it flat white and im pretty sure youll end up with that finish.

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