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Removing Gun Oil

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What are you nervous about, exactly? The dirt? It's not like it does any harm. Gun stock oil (if it's something like TruOil, which is made for finishing gunstocks) makes a fantastic neck finish, although it does need a touchup once in a while. I'd carefully sand the neck clean (400 grit paper at most, then move up through 600, 800, 1200 grit papers) then re-apply tru-oil or similar.

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gun stock oil, same as any other oil finish gets dirty. It needs regular TLC, but the effect of a neck as smooth as a babies backside can be worth the regular upkeep. Just get some fine wire wool, remove the neck and get too... then get some more oil and reapply with some more wire wool and then smooth to babies backside grade with a polishing rag :D


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when you add things like tru-oil don’t you need to use tru wax as a sealer from water its kind of like the Warwick finish after you oil you then you use the wax sealer Warwick sells a oil and wax on the manuale it says how to take care of it you oil and wax it once a month

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