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Volume With Volume Pot Turned All The Way Down


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Prostheta, thanks. I'll check that when I get back in a couple of days. I'm about to take a short pre-Christmas trip.

I suspected the pots. They are new, as in never been installed before, but I've had them for about 18 months. I probably should have checked them with the multimeter and cleaned them if necessary before installing them.

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I finally got to play around a bit. I tested continuity - from the tailpiece stud to the pot, pot to pot, jack ground to pot, volume pot ground, etc. I found no problems. I've also double checked the wiring vs the Seymour Duncan diagram. Didn't see any discrepancies. I checked the solder joints and didn't see any obvious dry joints.

I tested the pots with my multimeter and got acceptable values for total resistance. I also checked the center lug to an outside lug to check for zero value. Funny thing, my simple digital multimeter read zero. My autoranging multimeter didn't read zero - read a small value but not zero. I cleaned the pots with contact cleaner and tried everything again. No difference.

I think I'll change the pots out and see if that helps. I tested some other pots I bought at the same time as those installed and got some funny readings on some of them.

Thanks for the help.

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At least you're developing your practical fault-finding skills :-D

I hope you get a positive "oh-it-was-that" answer than plain replacing top to bottom. We need satisfaction dude!

+1 on the fault finding skills. And a serious reminder to self to test components prior to installing.

And at least I now have some desoldering braid - works a treat. And a new multimeter that has a continuity tester.

Not sure how satisfying you will find this, but after I replaced the volume pot, all is well. :D I find that very satisfying.

Thanks again.

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