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Lo Pro Floyd Layout...help!

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Have some issues here :D ! I bought a template off ebay a few months back. I'm at the layout stage and I scratched my head at least 200 times on this templates dimensions and centerline. I got out a digital caliper ...took the bridge apart and proceeded to measure and measure and measure some more. From a few books I've read to my understanding I should measure and find the center of the bridges string spread....in this case should be between the 3rd & 4th saddles. I attached a few pix ...1 with template on centerline and second and correct me if I'm wrong but what I believe to be the right measurement. You can see and it measures 5/64's off the templates centerline.The lo pro is offset and my guess is whoever laid out this template did'nt compensate for that or it was a floyd knock off that the measurments where taken. Take a look at pix and let me know which is the correct center..





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Thanks Magnus...it's 5/64's off center according to the template....think that would be a big ouch when I strung it up only to find my low E off the fret board. Good thing I double checked measurements before I dug into it. Guess lesson learned here is never trust someone else's work. The bridge is a original Lo pro floyd....if you go to floydrose.com the only similarity in route comparison to a original is it's ream distance and reams for the actual bushing. Everything else is off somewhat. Probably could dump a lo pro in a regular floyd's route however the route would look sloppy. It's these little invariences from ones bridge to another that can kill ya! :D

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