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7 String Wraparound

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I've looked at a lot of places and contacted a few manufacturers.

Anyone know of a source for a quality wraparound style bridge for a 7 string?


I did a little searching and all I could find was an ABM bridge sold by Allparts. Try part numbers GB_2567-002 and GB_2567-010, and hang on to your wallet!

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Fookgub, thanks for looking. I had found that one. I haven't checked with AllParts but that looks like a bridge I could to a string through but not a wraparound. Right?

I'm not sure. It looks like a wraparound to me, but you're best off calling Allparts. If you check ABM's website, they have a bigger picture of the six string version of that bridge. They don't list the seven string version on their website, though, nor do they give much info on any of their bridges. I went down my list of suppliers tonight and couldn't find any others. Universaljems sells both the GB_2567-002 and GB_2567-010 bridges, too.

Anyway, I'm interested in 7-string wraparounds, too, so let us know what you come up with.

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An update.

I emailed Schaller. They don't make a 7 string wraparound or combination. Very timely and efficiently Germanic response. I quote "Hello, this bridge for 7 string is not available. Sorry." Unquote.

I emailed TonePros. Ditto. However, they did offer to make one in their custom shop. It would be similar to the vintage Gibson non-individually intonatable bridges. Estimate was $80, more if I wanted a custom finish that I could specify. It would be ready in 1-2 weeks. Pretty cool actually if you were looking to make a 7 string with a vintage vibe (why, I'm not sure). They were very responsive and helpful. Even sent pics as examples. Very friendly and knowledgable.

I called AllParts. They say the ABM bridge referenced by Fookgub is a wraparound with individually adjustable saddles. Very helpful but somewhat surfer-dude-like, like almost is close enough. So, I checked ABM's website and they don't reference the 7 string version but show a 6 string that looks similar and very nice. I emailed them to confirm but no response yet. Not timely or efficiently Germanic-like.

I'll talk with my "customer" aka my third son, and see if he want to go with the ABM wraparound or with a TOM/tailpiece. TonePros makes one of those. I'm hoping he chooses the wraparound as I haven't used one of those yet.

Thanks for the interest guys.

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