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I am curious how it's really done. I know how I used to do it many years ago (not for guitars, but for Tee shirts).

I'd fill a sink with water and dribble a bunch of Testor's model paints so that the colors would float on top. Flat model paint would sink, strangely enough, so you had to use the high gloss stuff. Then I would drop the fronts of tee shirts in. Most sinks, being squarish, would make a nice size and shape to go on the front of the Tee. :D

Like I said, I'm curious if the real way to do it is similar to that.

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Iv herd several methods "floating" the paint on top of the water is one iv herd which is pretty much the same thing. I believe the tricky part is finding the correct paint to do the guitars in (being as the colors will float and not bleed together right away) but as stated before Mr. Calvert is working on that totorial and should hope to see something in the near future!!!!

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