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What Finish Should I Go For For This Bass?


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Looking good man. Have you done a French polish before? They say that French polishing takes 5 minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master. True-Oil is so much easier to get a good result with. It think that both alternatives are as good. My first thought as soon as I saw the picture (before reading the text) was OIL FINISH.

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I`m not ready to do it yet but ,I`m trying to decide which finish to do.

Here is the mockup.

I was thinking maybe a French Polish but I am not sure yet.I kind of like doing the long and tedious.

Maybe Tru-oil.

What do others think?

I'm in the process of finishing up a mocking bird with walnut/purpleheart.


I used Behr Tung Oil. Off the shelf tung oils have a little poly in them, this gives a very nice finish. You can get a very nice silky smooth finish if you use a scothguard pad (I used the grey coloured) and rub the final couple coats. I think I had three or four coats max. For more lustre you can finish off with a quality paste wax. But let the tung oil dry for at least a week or so. :D

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