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killswitch in the output


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Ok so i decided to get the 2 in 1 knob thing from warmoth, so i figure i could install a killswitch into the second knob hole to totally cut off the sound of the guitar

this allows me to cut off connection of the guitar during silent parts in songs without having to do volume swells

is there some kind of kill switch i could wire that is springloaded and will work with audio?


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yes...a push to break switch...i've seen them in pretty much every electronics shop...they usually cost less than £1 and you just wire it in line with the output...its only got two things coming out of it so its pretty simple to do.

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If you just break the output circuit, it will be like unplugging your cable. In other words it will probably pick up hum.

If you don't have active circuitry, you're better off shorting your guitar's output to ground to kill the signal.

If you do have active circuitry like a pre-amp or something, then you should use a SPDT switch. Connect its common to your output jack, the normally open contact to ground, and the normally closed contact to the pre-amp output or wherever the final guitar signal is coming from. That way the output jack will be switching between the guitar signal and ground.

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would such a killswitch be suited for guitar?

because im confused with the whole 125 ac thing..

That sort of switch is better suited for a stomp box. You just need a simple SPST toggle. Like this one here. It'll work just like a light switch (on / off) and should only have two lugs to solder to.

-o Output

-o Ground

When the switch is open, the output will be uneffected. When you close the switch, the output will be pulled to ground and all will go silent. No hum. :D

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