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Buffing Pick Swirls And Scratches


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Hey everyone!

I need a little help on buffing or polishing.

I will occasionally get a guitar that's scratched up or has tons of pick swirling and hazing.

Barring a wet sanding- I am not sure how to get these out.??

I have the over priced stew mac compounds #3 and #4

but that doesn't work with my cordless drill and foam buffing pad from stew mac.

What am I missing and what can I do to fix these problems?

Do I need a stronger drill motor?

Do I need a big buffing wheel like the manufactures use?

Should I be using different compounds or???

a start to finish would be great!

Help please.....

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probably a poly finish....takes alot of buffing to remove that...i did it ince on a poly finish with the 3m auto compounds you get at wal mart....rough cut,medium cut,and fine cut.....i did it by hand...it took a LONG time

i think in your business,scott,you might find a buffing wheel very handy,i have not used one though...i just hear that is the way to go on poly

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Yeah, I'd love to afford one but cant justify it.

I mean, i dont do finish work. All my paint gets subbed out.

And its not cost effective to do this by hand most of the time its a free to low charge item to buff out swirls...

No ONE else has any tips or experience they'd like to throw my way???

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If the current material isn't working then you probably have to go one or two steps coarser and then bring it back to fine and clear. It IS a lot of work. I wetsand up to 2500 and then use Meguiar's Deep crystal polish. So long as I got everything along the way I usually wind up with a pretty good finish. But nothing lasts. Its good for making a guitar look nice so you can get it out the door but those marks will eventually come back after a few playing sessions. No way around it, unless you leave it in the case.

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