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Engrave Drawings


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I'm french so excuse me for the mistakes :D

I would customize my PRS.

Actually it's in Red, I have planified to paint it in black, and I would draw some... drawings :D in white over the black.

I'm asking myself if the best solution would not be to engrave this drawings, and to place in this engrave a phosphorescent powder.

Is it possible ? What do you think about this idea ??


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It's possible. You might find it difficult to get a flat clearcoat over the top as the paint in the engraved parts will be thick, and move over time. I guess if the engraving was less than a millimetre deep you might get away with it, but same as metallics I'm not sure if you are able to sand glow in the dark paints as they probably have coarse grains in a paint suspension, same as the flakes in metallics.

Anyone else?

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there are only 2 ideas that come to mind,

1 glow in the dark PVC, this requires inlay work, could destroy your guitar if not done properly.

2 there is a powder you can buy and add it to white paint that makes it glow.

I cant remember where I found that powder on the net, but if you look long enough you will find it.

good luck with your project.


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