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Pin Router Experiments


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I've not had much chance to play with my pin router since I bought it, but since the workshops virtually finished I've been starting to experiment with all my new kit. I'm chuffed with this one! With the templates I've got I can make a telecaster body in little time at all - 1hr 30 mins maybe?

So here's my first experiment...


and here's the 1/4 tonne baby that made it: Click!

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I think I have a huge one in the workshop at school....just haven't had time to check it out. Better get one of the experienced guys to show me how it works... :D

I almost had an overarm pin router. My farther had one made by Shopsmith from the late 80's. It wasn't part of their multi tool line but was on a tall stand and fit his porter cable router. When I finally went looking for it a few years back, the upper arm was gone. He lost it in a move to a new home. It was a pretty hefty and of all the tools he stopped using that would have been the sweetest addition to my shop.

The only one within reason (price wise) is the Grizzly, that I know of, but its $600 so its a luxury tool for most, but it does have an air actuated lift and plunge arm which is nice and leaves two hands free to move the piece. The table could be slighty larger.

Grizzly Overarm Router


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