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seymour duncan JB humbucker


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I can't find any info on the site on the JB bridge humbucker! Can any one help me on this one!

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:D what site are you looking at?

Here's the link.

Here's what it says:

JB™ Model

SH-4/TB-4 -- A completely balanced coil configuration produces great harmonics and a high output with just the right blend of sustain and distortion. You get the best of both worlds: from sweet warm tones to raw rock 'n' roll. Combine this with the (SH-2) Jazz Neck and you've got Seymour's personal favorite combination. Available in black, zebra (cream & black), reverse zebra and white as well as the following colors at no extra charge -- red, red & black, pink, green, light blue, dark blue & yellow.

Recommended for Bridge position. Four conductor cable, with traditional or Trembucker spacing. Also for 7-string guitars

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Also, I've used one before on my Ibanez S-series guitars. I put it in my Jackson Scott Ian model, but I had some feedback issues with it. My Amber Schecter C-1 Elite has the Gold cover Duncan Designed version and it works great for me. I just got the black Schecter C-1 Elite and I'm gonna toss the old Duncan JB in it when I have a chance.

BTW all these guitars are mahogany, except my main schecter which has a quilt maple veneer over the mahogany and the Jackon which is probably alder or basswood.

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Rob...probabaly won't get rid of it...actualy I know I wont. I starting build a custom Tele around that pickup. I know what sound I wanted and which pickup, and then started buying parts for it. Guitar Center and Musician's friend sell them for like $70. Some music shops will sell them for more but install them for free. Make sure you get the SH-4 if you have a fixed or strat style bridge. Floyd Rose bridges needs the TB-4, same thing but spaced for the Floyd Rose.

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