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How Does It Look So Far?

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I finished cutting, and almost finished sanding my first guitar body. I made it out of african mahogany. I was wondering anyone's opinion on the looks, and I was also wondering where i should put my strap bolts (i think that's what they're called :D ) My friend said I should put them on strat-style, but I don't think it'll work because of the sharpness of the top horn. Should I just wait till it's done to worry about it?

Here's a pic for reference:


(Front Side)

Thanks for looking!

- James

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Pretty nice! Am I correct to assume that the longer horn is the top one? Take a look at the Rickenbacker bass to get an idea. You'll probably still want to wait until the neck and guts are installed to feel its balance. :D

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My suggestion is to put the strap button on the "down side" of the horn. Still on the side of the body ala a Strat, but past the sharp edge. Also, Cherokee is right. To find the point of balance you will have to attach the neck and the rest of the hardware.

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