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Is This Possible?


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Hi everyone,

Been lurking here for a long time and finally signed up!

My question is about my les paul.

At the moment i have two humbuckers in there, dimarzio PAF pros and i'd quite like to add a coil tap to both. I know this can be done with a push pull pot but my question is: Would it be possible to remove both tone pots and replace them with switches, presumably some kind of 2 way switch to simply coil tap each humbucker, without doing any drilling?

I suppose what i'm asking is, does a 2 way switch exist that will fit in the hole left by my les paul tone pots?

Thanks alot


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Ya can find switches around. If you're looking online, best to look at places like RS etc that have the dimensions of the switches on them. I think (don't take my word for it!!) that the MEC switches are roughly the same diameter as a CTS pot. Not 100% sure as i use Alpha Mini pots, but there's a start. You're probably best using push/pull pots though, cous you retain your tone pots and the 'stock' appearance that would helpif you ever wanted to sell the axe :D


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Drop in push/pull pots in place of the tone pots and retain the standard look and tone control.

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