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Adding Fret Slots --easier On Or Off The Neck?

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I have an ebony fingerboard from LMII --it has been radiused and slotted for 22 frets. There's an extension of a few centimeters ---for the design of the guitar I'm working on, I'll need another 3 or 4 frets' worth of fretboard beyond the 22nd fret.

I'm tempted to leave the extra space blank, but I think that might look kind of weird. And a friend has offered to add extra slots for me --he's an experienced workworker, has done a lot of work on guitars and is very precise.

I'm wondering if it will be easier for him to cut the new slots with the board glued (and shaped) to the neck? Or will it be easier to cut the slots with the board as is --the way it came from LMII?

Or maybe it's not advisable to try to cut slots into a radiused board?

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If his cutting rig is a miter box and handsaw or a miter saw with a thin blade, then the radius shouldn't be an issue. If he's using a thin blade in a table saw, then the radius may be an issue. Regardless, having the board off of the neck with no taper will be the easiest option for him.

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I think you should ask your friend which way is easier for him.

I'm only asking here to get a variety of opinions --and I don't know how much experience he's had cutting slots. I know one of his good friends is also one of the best luthiers in France, and he's worked with him in his shop.

Anyway, I'll be seeing him today, just bringing board as is. If he wants it glued on and shaped, then I'll do that.

To me both ways kind of make sense, but then, if I thought I had the capabilities for doing this part, I'd be doing it myself.

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