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D String Doesn't Intonate :mad:

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all my strings, except the D is intonated.

it frets flat at 12th fret so i've pulled the saddle as far as it goes towards the nut and still no luck.

so i tune the D string a bit higher so that it's good at 12th.... and then the open note is sharp and messes up my D chord

the weird thing is, it frets flat the most on 7th to 9th frets...

and another thing is, my previous LTD guitar had a messed up D string too!!

it's s tune-o-matic style bridge... i'm starting to think it's the nut's fault

any suggestions?


edit: oh yeah i just put a new set of strings on too

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Is this something that has just happened?Also have you had this guitar for a while.?I,m guessing it is the strings if it is a new problem or you have changed guages and could be the nut.No guitar loses intonation that badly for no good reason.If you don,t know how I would take it for a set up :D

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Does anyone know if it would it help to place a small piece of material at the nut to extend it move that point closer to the bridge, kinda like an earvana?

Edit: I probably should have said to make a notch and move the nut point back, not forward.

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Seriously, first thing you do if a quick turn of a screwdriver doesn't fix intonation is REPLACE THE STRINGS. Heck, replacing strings should be the first thing you do before intonating, period.

uh.. sorry about my stupidity?

i've had defective strings before, i just didn't know it would be this often

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