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Basic Electronics.


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I'm a novice at the making of guitars, I was wondering if anyone can tell me wich things I need if I'm making a guitar from scratch with a normal jack, EMG 81 pick-ups, 1 volume,1 tone knob and 1 knob for switching between a bridge and a neck pick-up(with the option of using'm both at the same time). I have no idea what kind of things I need or how it works. a linkto a guide or just telling me yourself would be EXTREMELY helpful

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Try www.guitarelectronics.com as well.

They will have kits that inlcude all the parts you need for a Dual humbucker setup with standard switching. It will include all the pots, switches and some wire as well. And it will also come with a schematic of how to solder it all up.

In addition to that you need the tools.

Soldering Iron - 25-40 Watts

Wire strippers

Wire nippers

Small pointy needle nose

One of those "Helping Hands" things. The deal with two aligator clip arms and the magnifying glass. I take the glass off and the two arms come in really handy.

A hemostat will come in handy as well.

Solder 60/40 .032" diameter.

That will get you started. You can get all the tools at a Radio Shack.

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If I'm not mistaken, you can get EMGs with the wiring kits prea-ssembled.

As for the tools, TomN's list is a bit more than you really need. Here is a very basic list:

Soldering iron

Wire nippers (which you can also use to strip wires)

Needle nose pliers, although not that necessary unless you are dealing with circuit boards

Solder (60% tin/40% lead)

Wire strippers, "helping hands", and a hemostat are not needed at all. With the soldering iron, the higher wattage the better, especially if you have to solder to the back of a pot (it takes a lot of energy to heat up all that metal).

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