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Another Q About Swirl...

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So i went up to the town today and got the stuff i need to Test the Swirling

Oil paint from the local model shop

and borax from Boots

colours i got was




My first go at it did not go too good i put the paint in




and the green had been got flooded by the other colours (mainley blue) there was no green in site:S

2 go.

went a little better as for i did not as much borax as i did last time very little lol^^ this time cuz it was only a small bucket.

I did not bother with the green

I put in the black then the Blue

the black went across all over the surface then the blue in lumps.

to i tested with my peice of skirting lol^__^

no undercoating

turn out like this.


3 go.

went the same but with a white undercoating.



swirl kinda came out shity the little blobs showing the white coat all over it>.<

4th n 5th

i got hold of some red(yays)

so i put in




for some reson my red ate the blue....0_o..

its drying at the min so i got no pics sorryS!

now here are the questions=D

1# how much paint should i put in??

2# how much borax should i put in??

3# why did my "3 go" with the undercoat came out with the shity white spots

4#why do some paint kind dont work (like the green and "red and blue")


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