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Messing With Frets On Squier

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Hi guys, I have a Squier Stratocaster (think it is Affinity series).

I was messing around with the setup - filing the nut slots deeper, adjusting action, etc. and I noticed that some of the frets on the higher positions are not stuck very well - there is a slight gap underneath each fret. Of course, those frets stand higher than the rest and cause fret buzz.

I will hammer them in to make them lay snugly on the fretboard BUT before I do this I need to know if the frets on Squier Affinity series are glued.

It would suck to find out that they are glued and I am causing more trouble than good with the hammer.

Do you have info on this subject? Are the frets on those Squiers glued?


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You would never use hammer blows hard enough to cause damage, whether the frets will go down more or not. (unless you stupidly keep beating until the sun goes down)

A hammer is used to *tap* frets it, not a hard blow, like if you were forcing a square peg into a round hole.

I think more likely that they are not glued. And they also might not stay down, even if you tap them down more.

Super-glue to the rescue.

Also, you run a great risk of causing the fret ends to pop up, when hammering the middle of the fret. Be aware of what's happening after each tap you make.

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