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Les Paul Double Cut Questions

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Does anyone have a drilling template that i could use to drill the holes for the tune-o-matic and stop? The body that i am using is an old cort lp double cut copy.. it had a cavity routed for a tremolo.. can i just glue in a block of wood to fill the cavity and sand it down.. i intend to put either a quilt or flame top veneer over top..




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Before you go into a project like this you need to read up on basic guitar building, or you wouldn't ask this type of qestion. I recomend Melvin Hiscocks book. Reed it and you will have this question answered together with a bunch of question you didn't knew you would be asking, but will be asking before you are through with this.

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Peter, i'll take a look into that book... although i am not building this from scratch.. this is more of a remodel.. but any info is useful info..

the neck is a 24 3/4" Scale 13° neck 22 frets, which is what my les paul single cut has.. so i figured the position of the TOM and the stop should be about the same.. i am going to have to route the pocket, i guess.. A neck pocket angle of 1-1/2 to 3 degrees is required for the TOM...

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