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Polishing Compounds

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Hey I was looking at some turtle wax polishing compund product, all it said was get rid of fine scratches, but it also said like in bold letters "WHITE", so then I remembered something I read on the forums about different colors signifying different polishes or something? Might be wrong. Something like a red color and a white olor compound? All I know is that the "WHITE" on the bottle means something. Polishing Compound

Look at the picture

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the link does not work.

but my guess is that you are looking at some of those colored wax products that temporarily fill in fine scratches in your car's paint...white means it is for a white car...

i used to use the red on my red truck.it's like using makeup to fill in wrinkles on an old woman's face...but it has no place with guitars.try to stick with guitar stuff if you don't know what you are looking for.

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