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Hot Rod Questions?

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I believe I read that the rule of thumb is to have 1/8" below the truss rod. Which means you need .125 minimum. What you have is not .63, but .063, i'm sure that was just a mistype. But yeah, it looks like you need a bit more beef underneath it. Of course i'm not that experienced with this as i'm just building my first neck, but that's the number that my reading has turned up. So if someone more experienced has a firsthand opinion that differs, they may tell you, otherwise i'd re-design the neck slightly if I was you.

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You could always use an LMI or Allied truss rod and save yourself a little depth. You could also use a standard single-action rod if you are really tight on space. Don't leave under 1/8" under the rod unless you want the rod to bust out of the back side.

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