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Zebrawood / Zebrano

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I'm thinking of making an entire guitar (body, bolt-on neck, ebony fretboard) out of zebrano (also called zebrawood). I'm found somewhere to get it from and I think it is the most amazing looking wood.

Has anyone had any experience using it? I found one place on the web where it was described as being very hard to work with and finish. Is this true? Would it be better to stick with one of the more popular woods?

Also does it have any harmful effects? A lot of wood dust seem to be an irritant, I was wondering if zebrano is too.



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most, i've gotten the feeling that most of the people here tend to wear a respirator as much as possible, better safe then sorry :D and if you like the wood then give it a try, but looks like you're going to have to seal the guitar soon after it's made to prevent warping kinda like maple.


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