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Im planning to biuld a double neck bass. One of my concernes is that it will be to many knobs, and i dont think that looks good. Is it possible (dont laugh:)) to have all the knobs built in a box, seperate from the bass? connected with some kind of cable...

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I am not an expert, but to a certain extent yes. You can run the input in the box to pots sets up like they would be inside the guitar for one volume and tone. But you will not be able to switch pickups, or blend. It would be the same as running only one pickup if you used the box, so I would stay away from it. Just think through exactly how much you really need. If you don't change your tone often, you can eliminate your tone pots, you can use mini-toggles, for other things, same with push-pull knobs.

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i agree with you. Less is more.. But i have some plans for this bass :D and that plan gives me 10 knobs and switches..and that will not look good. i have to come up with something clever.

I have never played a double neck before, so im a bit afraid about the balance. What about yours Erik? is it neckheavy?

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heres some cool guitar that hav a knob situation similar to urs.

coincidentally both are rick nielsons

this one shows that you can hav a lot of knobs, and i atleast think it looks pretty cool.

one tone and one volume for each pickup i believe. and a on/off switch for each of the six single coils


this is rick's five neck and it only has 3 knobs. so you can do a simple wiring setup no matter how many necks.


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Yes a double bass might be a bit neck heavy.. im going to use hipshot lite tuners and make a long upper horn.

youre right aidlook. I dont need separate volume for each bass. but i think i will go for separate blend and tone

so this is what i have so far

-three way switch on upper horn. fretless-both-8string

-master volume on lower horn

-blend, tone, blend, tone under 8string bridge

-two outputs with a three way switch for each. That way i can use two rigs and send each bass to either rig1, rig2 or both. Hope that works. I have some looping ideas and i think that might be cool.

im not in a hurry about this project, but for those interested i will add some pics when i have something to show. Im not in the same leauge as most of you other folks here, so i think i will need some input on this one:)

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Can't you get the dual output effect by running through and a/b box. You certainly aren't going to be playing both necks at the same time. If you want to cut down on the number of knobs, but have a blend and tone for each you can use a concentric pot. I don't remember who carries them, but you have a smaller inner knob with a ring type knob around it. That way you essentially have two pots in one.

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