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Trussrod Length

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Hey guys!

I can't seem to find the answer to this.. I plan to build a 24.75 scaled SG-ish guitar. That brings the 22th fret at 17.805" (I used Stewmac's Fret position calculator to get this). I was planning to use one of their HotRod trussRods, which are 18" long.

On my plan, this doesn't leave much space eather side of the fretboard, even with the .4" behind the last fret.. Or is the 18" lenght including the adjustment nut?

If the HotRod isn't suited for short-scales guitar, where could I find a shorter Dual action trussRod (in a store that ships overseas).


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Thanks Guys..

Does anyone have the size of the 1/8" allen nut Hot Rod? (from one square block to the other, and total length)


The StewMac 18" hot rod with the 1/8" allen end is 17" from the outside ends of the two brass blocks.

I used Hot Rods in the SG and LP I built - both 24.75 scales. No problems with length. You should be careful with depth though especially on an SG style if you are planning a thin taper neck. I carved my first attempt through to the truss rod route just around the nut. I'm now using the LMI truss rods which are 1/16" thinner. LMI's 18" rod is also 17" from end block to end block.

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A good trick for getting a thinner neck is to use a thinner fretboard as well.I use 3/16" fretboards instead of 1/4".Yes 1/16" does make a difference.

I also use volutes and place the top end of the rod right above that volute.It lets me go a hair thinner than otherwise.

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