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Rhoads V Body Shape

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Hey my names George, I'm 16 and building a guitar for my senior tech studies project.

Amongst all my research and stuff I've come up with a unique blend between Ozzy Osbournes guitarists which as a result has scored me two A's. However I've now come to the 3rd part of my folio where I'm making dimensions and technical drawings and I'm having a bit of trouble.

I'm making it with the body shape of a Jackson Randy Rhoads V and I've been looking around for body templates already pre-made for one with no luck. As this is my first project I was wondering if someone with a fair bit more knowledge and experience would be able to help me figure out dimensions or help locate a template.

I feel besides routing that a V is also going to a bit easier to cut than say a les paul or strat shape. Is there anything I need to watch out for in making one?

I apologise if I've caused any copyright issues by asking this stuff.

Thanks for any help!

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Australian? Then you'll feel right at home here :D Yeah, I know it's a bit crazy to pay for just a piece of paper, but I'd honestly trust one of those sites than have to worry about/hassle with finding a picture or outline online then having to scale it up and print it out, paste it together and all, ya know? I think it's worth the convenience knowing that it's accurate.

I'm actually planning a Rhoads for my next build, over vacation, and I'll be paying my own $10 soon enough.

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That's a relief! Some of the parts I'm buying for it are coming from the US so I was hoping I wouldn't have the same trouble simply asking questions :D

How much trouble is it to customize a Rhoads to have three pickups and stuff?

Not hard at all just a little modification to the wiring and an extra pickup cavity. So, not that hard at all. I'm actually planning to build a guitar for my tech-ed class coming later this year

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