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Hey, has anyone bothered to make a bladed style pickup as opposed to the pole style? I guess another way of saying it would be those rail seymore duncans.

I was thinking about it because I think they look really cool. But then I realized If I make my own I can make them look almost any way I want.

Oh and thanks Masina.

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I wind pickups. The first sets were not very exiting... But as with guitar building you have to practise.

for pickup winding there are not very many good book to reak (unlike guitar building) . Jason Lollars book is OK if you can find it. It is out of print and Jason will not have it printed again. You can find info on the pickup winders forum (Jason Lollar posts there on a semi regular basis). Do a searh to find the adress (can't find it right now, I'm not at home...). Also have a look at Steven Kerstins web page. A lot of good information there. www.skguitar.com

About blade pickups: Cant really help you. That is about the only typ I have not done yet

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