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Billy's Bully, My New Cigar Box Guitar

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It's been a while since I've done anything worthy of posting, but this latest cigar box guitar, actually a mandolin or a uke, really came out much better than I expected. Everything went wrong and I had to rip the thing appart and rebuild it a few times.


Close up images of the body and headstock follow...




For what it's worth:


14" string scale

7 degree angled headstock

Paper over plywood, Romeo Y Julieta Bully cigar box body

Rosewood over flatsawn Poplar (vertical grain) neck

4 used Kluson tuners (99 cent ebay bargain)

Plastic hair comb (found object) cut and scraped for nut

Bolt and door jamb "tune o matic" bridge (junk box items)


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I'd love to hear what one of these little guys sounds like, but the downloads on your website don't seem to work for me. :D

Oops. I over cleaned my homepage. I was testing some CGI script and had to make some room. The files are back on the server now. I'm glad that you pointed that out.

BTW, this mando CBG sounds nothing like the sound clips for the other ones. This one sounds the best out of all that I've ever made. I think that the small body lends itself well to the higher notes. Now it's time for me to experiment. 14" is short... how much longer can I get the neck before it's too long? Hmmmm....

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