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Fret Before Gluing?

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I am planning on doing Gibson style binding on my guitar (where the binding actually has a lip where the fret ends). I was wondering if I could tap in the frets before gluing the fingerboard to the neck, or would that be too risky? I would think that the fingerboard may be too weak to tap the frets in with it not attached to the neck. I wanted to do it this way so I could put the frets in, square them off with the end of the fingerboard, and then glue the binding on, then lastly glue it to the neck. Anyone have an opinion?

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Just to clarify, is what you are trying to achieve the same as the pic halfway down this page?

Haven't done it, but I have heard on numerous occasions that fretting a board beforehand can cause the board to bow, which is why it's hard to find someone who will sell you a pre-fretted fretboard. I think you would be safer fretting and binding after gluing it to your neck blank. Just my 2 cents.

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Fretting the board before attaching it to the neck is fine, several large guitar companies do it, and I've personally done a number of guitars that way.

It's also far and away the easiest way to fret if you want to do Gibson style fretboard binding.

I attached my fretboard to a thick offcut of worktop with doublesided tape, and fretted it on there to add a little backup and stability. The board may back bow slightly, but it will still be fine once glued to the neck with a straight clamping caul.


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