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Hollowbody Tailpiece With A Roller Bridge

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OT - that's the bridge I'm installing today on my previous lap steel project. I had the "steps" of the base milled down flat, so that it has no radius. Not a bad little bridge for very little money.

The string spread is the same as the other TOM bridge I have, which as far as I can tell is a standard spacing. I can't see any reason it wouldn't work. One thing to keep in mind is the angle from the tailpiece to the bridge. Since that tailpiece may end up "anchoring" the strings back further than a stop-tailpiece, make sure you have enough downward pressure over the bridge. Many TOMs on hollowbodies are mounted on a base, which brings the bridge up a bit higher. Of course, the entire design has to be considered-- the neck angle is also more significant.

What kind of guitar are you hoping to put it on?

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Yes, but although I asked the question, it was more for curiousity-- the main thing is that yes it will work in terms of string spacing, etc., but that you need to make sure the angle over the nut is going to be sufficient. I think it probably would be, I just want to throw that out there as something to consider.


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