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P90 Soapbar Installation

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I'm looking for help on how to install a P90 pickup on the body. Where do the screws hold on?

I couldn't find much on the forum since the search engine has been reprogrammed making it impossible to search for 'P90'


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On a soapbar p90, the screws go through the cover, through the core of the pickup, and directly into the wood. You just need to drill a pair of holes of the right size. Be very careful not to drill holes that are too big, or you'll have to fill them in and start over again.

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I forgot to mention the springs that you put between the pickup and the bottom of the cavity. ;-)

My P90 came with foam rubber pads, but the principle is the same as springs. However, that's still a pretty limited amount of adjustment. So yeah, the depth of your route is pretty important. Of course it can always be shimmed if it is too deep.

One of the reasons I haven't cut my pickup cavity yet is I haven't determined how far from the strings a P90 should typically be.

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Of course it can always be shimmed if it is too deep.

And if it's too shallow, you can cut off part of the foam pads. I can't remember how deep exactly I made mine but I put them so that if the foam pad was completely squished down, the top of the pickup was just a little above the top of the pickguard. From there, I can get it to about the same height as the fingerboard or a little less, which is plenty of adjustment on my tele-style.

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