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what sanding paper should i get?

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alright i got a lot of it sanded down to the line w/ 60grit and a lil black and decker dremel-esque tool.

HOWEVER. I wouldn't even imagine how to do it w/ a hunk of Alder or basswood..or hell..mahogony!!

This is just 1/4" plywood.

I dunno....any techniques i'm missing?

Also, the sides can get kinda...rounded i guess?

Like.. i can get say the top half perfect to the line..but the bottom half kinda buldges or caves in more than the top part.

know what i mean? Its not straight. I'm thinking I get like that because its only 1/4" thick..and i'm telling myself i'll have more support on the real wood thats 1.5-1.75" thick to keep it straight.

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hey man

i am doing that tomorrow. finally cutting out my template/s. :D

just 2 quick questions:

what is better for templates, MDF or Plywood?

is it ideal to make templates for neck and/or headstock?


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